As Precious As Pink Diamond

RRP: AUD $119.95
VAIVA Pink Diamond Essence Luxury Cream, the flagship product from us. Infused with pink diamond Nano-powder and enriched with 21 active ingredients, this multi-performance facial cream illuminates, hydrates and firms your skin and smooths lines. Experience age-defying radiance - just like the timeless sparkle of diamonds. Within only 28 days, witness a noticeable positive change in your skin.

4-in-1 Rejuvenating Essence

1. Brightening


Bri-Sense™ pink diamond Nano-powder enriched with iridescent Pearl and Arbutin

For a glowing radiance

  • Inspired by the ancient wisdom of skin brightening regime

  • Fosters the regeneration of skins cells, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation

2. Hydrating


3D Hyaluronic Acid (MK II) boosted by Swiss Pentavitin Technology

For a dewy finish


  • Micromolecules retain moisture to enhance volume in the skin

  • Improving skin metabolism for a youthful appearance

3. Firming


Micro-Collagen Tripeptide combined with natural squalene

For better elasticity and well defined facial features


  • Stimulates cell repair and provides a lifting effect

  • Repairs ageing skin and restores elasticity

4. Reducing Fine Lines


Hyperactive natural firming essence infused with Resveratrol and Shea Butter

To combat lines and wrinkles


  • Rejuvenates and restores firmness

  • Effectively combats free radicals