VAIVA, the Goddess of Rainbow in Baltic legends, is the symbol of beauty, sunshine, and confidence in Indo-European languages. It is the mirror that reflects the true inner beauty of women. 


The skincare brand of the hour, Vaiva originates in Australia and owns an independent laboratory that is committed to cutting-edge skincare research. The brand’s flagship Essence of Pink Diamond Rejuvenating Cream features Bri-Sense pink diamond nano-powder, harvested from the Argyle mine, while its Desire range of dry masks uses of Vaiva’s proprietary RW-Reverse delivery system. 


Using pink diamonds harvested from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, Vaiva brings the world its first skincare miracle - Essence of Pink Diamond Rejuvenating Cream. The flagship product is infused with pink diamond nano-powder to illuminate, hydrate and tighten the skin while smoothing fine lines at the same time. The lipophilic properties of pink diamond dust together with 21 active ingredients restore radiance to the skin like no other and offer a ground-breaking skincare experience.


Aside from its first ever pink diamond skincare range, Vaiva has also launched its Desire range of dry masks - first in Australia - offering 3D hydration molecules, skin repair brown algae, Damascus rose brightening extracts, firming collagen in their dehydrated form. The innovative delivery system requires only water to activate the active ingredients in the masks - by simply adding water to individually packaged bottles, users can enjoy the amazing results of the Desire range dry masks. The physical dry state of the products inhibits the growth of microbes, eliminating the need for additives and preservatives.


Supported by leading biomedical technology, VAIVA’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities locally in Australia. The professional clinical research team employs strict quality control procedures to ensure that each and every product bearing the VAIVA name is of the highest purity and efficacy. Through its all-natural product range, VAIVA empowers women by offering them the ultimate skincare solution.